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DEVELOPS FULL FLAVOR. One of the best ways to steep loose leaf tea as the high water to tea surface ratio allows tea leaves to fully expand and release optimal flavor.


Louvre Insulated Double-Walled Glass Tea French Press

SKU: 810019871276
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  • PREMIUM QUALITY GLASS. Made of highly hygienic, non-porous borosilicate glass and 18/10 stainless steel. You’ll never worry about off-flavors, odors or stains. It is the healthier choice for brewing tea and ensuring your tea tastes as pure as possible.

    INSULATED DESIGN. Double-walled glass maintains ideal temperatures – both hot and cold. Double-walled glass base also protects your furniture.

    HYDROPHOBIC VENT. Air pressure relief hole at the bottom of the double-walled glass prevents messy condensation, eliminating the need for a trivet.

  • 4 Cup Tea Maker

    32 oz

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