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KeySmart Mini is the world’s most minimalist key holder. KeySmart Mini eliminates noisy key jingle and makes keys quiet, organized and comfortable to carry. Unlike noisy keychains, KeySmart Mini keeps your keys in order and allows you to rotate one key out so you can quickly lock and unlock doors. To attach a car key fob, simply use a key ring to connect it to the band of the KeySmart Mini.

ORGANIZES UP TO 5 KEYS PLUS KEY FOB: Also compatible with cool keychain tools like the KeySmart MultiTool or the KeySmart NanoScissors.

SAVE POCKET AND PURSE SPACE: Aligns keys so you can save pocket space and eliminate key jingle.

QUICK & EASY OPERATION: Rotates keys out with light resistance giving you the leverage you need to easily lock and unlock doors.

PREMIUM MATERIALS: Made with high-quality matte stainless steel hardware and thermoplastic polyurethane band so that your keys look slick and feel secure

Keysmart - Mini Minimalist Key Holder; Black

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