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KeySmart Rugged W/Belt Clip | Aluminum | Holds 14 Keys.

Tired of reaching into your pocket for your mess of keys? Sick of carrying around bulky bottle openers? The KeySmart Rugged has you covered. It features thicker aircraft aluminum plates for extra durability and a pocket clip so your keys are always within reach.

The included bottle opener fits compactly into the KeySmart Rugged and features a loop piece to allow you to attach your car keys.

Includes pocket clip and bottle opener Saves pocket space Includes loop piece to attach your car key Universal design fits your existing keys Expandable from 2-8 keys (includes an extra set of screws to fit up to 14 keys) Makes keys compact, quiet and comfortable to carry.

Keysmart - KeySmart Rugged W/Belt Clip

SKU: X0016Y9D8Z
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